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     Welcome to Victory Show Dogs! I am so glad you are visiting my website and as you peruse my program, I would like you to know my priorities in life are my faith-walk with Jesus, my love of family and a passion for all animals. I am Kathy Hulstein and would like to introduce you to my wonderful family. Kembe(my husband of 27 years!) and I are blessed with 5 great kids and son-in-law. Savanna and Houston married in 2010 and live nearby, Sierra lives and works in Wisconsin where her boyfriend, Curtis, is stationed in the Coastguard, Jazmine is a Jr at SDSU college, Rosette is in 8th grade, keeping busy in every sport, and Stetson is in 5th grade and also in every sport offered in school plus Hockey outside of school. We are 100% involved in our kids' lives and are their biggest fans in all their endeavors!
         Back in 1996, my life-long love of animals became focused on showing AKC Boxers, thus the beginning of Victory Show Dogs--the title signifying VICTORY in life and death with faith in Jesus Christ! Savanna was only 9 years old when we began and as she grew, so did our involvement in the AKC dog show world. As time went on, Savanna focused on the Boxers while I fell in love with and started to show Boston Terriers in 2000. Then in the Fall of 2008, we added another delightful breed to our home, the Long and Smooth coat Chihuahua!
          Soon after this, we realized that we needed to let the Boxer Breed go due to many factors, the most important being the sad fact of their short life-span caused in part by many health problems of heart issues and a very high cancer rate. With a heart-wrenching decision, we showed our last magnificent Boxer in 2009. We are thankful to still be the loving home to 2 Boxers that will live with us till the end.
           As time flies by, Savanna finds herself too busy with home and work to travel to shows. So I carry on the torch by myself, often traveling to shows with dear friends. Along with this change comes another. I am thrilled to embrace another title coming soon-- "Gramma"! Updates and details later......!
             Now on to the final topic of my current breeding and showing ideals. As a perfectionist(thanks to my Dutch heritage!), I have made it my top priority to strictly adhere to the code of ethics and standards set forth by the individual breed clubs. I am proud to belong to several AKC Breed organizations including the CCA(Chihuahua Club Of America--National Parent Breed Club), BTCA(Boston Terrier Club Of America--National Parent Breed Club), the SEKC(Sioux Empire Kennel Club), the HBTC(Hawkeye Boston Terrier Club and Heartland Boston Terrier Club) and ENTBC(Eastern Boston Terrier Club).
              I believe in raising the healthiest individuals possible with wonderful temperaments. In order to make it into my breeding program, the Chihuahua and Boston parents must possess great dispositions and be CHIC certified. Most are also AKC conformation Champions, but more important to me is a sound mind and body. To attain a CHIC certification number, each breed must pass three  health tests specific for that breed. For the Chihuahua breed, these tests include: 1)CERF OFA, testing eye vision and health performed by a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist; 2) Patella OFA, testing  for correct tight kneecaps by a Veterinarian and 3) Cardiac OFA, testing for heart murmurs and arrhythmia's by a Veterinarian Practitioner or Cardiologist. To obtain a CHIC certification number for the Bostons, the following tests must be passed: 1) BAER OFA, testing bilateral hearing by a Veterinarian Neurologist; 2) CERF OFA and 3) Patella OFA.
              The breeds of Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers are truly dear to my heart and I adore them! Thus I am 100% committed to showing and selectively breeding healthy, happy show potential and fantastic companion dogs. So that's it. We are located in Sioux Center, IA(NW corner) and we welcome visitors! Thanks for visiting my website......Kathy

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